Are you looking for a review of Blue Moon Hemp Store's CBD products and customer service? Look no further. This article will provide a detailed overview of the brand's history, product range, quality, pricing, discounts, customer service, and user reviews.

Blue Moon Hemp Store: A Complete Review Of Their Cbd Product Range And Customer Service

What is Blue Moon Hemp Store?

Based in Florida, Blue Moon Hemp Store is a company that produces high-quality CBD products. Their mission statement claims that they offer the purest, highest-quality CBD products available on the market. They pride themselves on using locally sourced, organic hemp in their products and adhering to industry standards for quality and safety.

Blue Moon Hemp Store: A Review of Their CBD Products and Customer Service

  • Blue Moon Hemp Store overview, location, reputation, and customer feedback.
  • Product offerings, hemp quality, extraction process, third-party lab testing, pricing, and discounts.
  • Customer service, ordering process, shipping, return policy, user reviews, and a final recommendation.

Blue Moon Hemp Store: A Complete Review Of Their Cbd Product Range And Customer Service

Product Range and Quality

Discount/Promotion Details
20% off All orders
Rewards Program Earn points for purchases, referrals, and social media engagement. Redeem points for discounts on future purchases.

Blue Moon Hemp Store offers a wide range of CBD products, including tinctures, gummies, lotions, and pet products. They source their hemp from local farmers who use organic growing practices, and they use a CO2 extraction process, which is considered one of the safest and most efficient methods of extracting CBD from the hemp plant.

Blue Moon Hemp Store has their products third-party lab tested for purity and potency. This means that you can trust that the product you're getting contains the amount of CBD listed on the label and is free from contaminants.

Their products are priced competitively, and they offer discounts and promotions from time to time. For instance, they offer a 20% discount on all orders at the time of writing this article. They also have a rewards program that allows you to earn points for purchases, referrals, and social media engagement, which you can redeem for discounts on future purchases.

Blue Moon Hemp Store: A Complete Review Of Their Cbd Product Range And Customer Service

Customer Service and Ordering Process

Blue Moon Hemp Store is known for its responsive and helpful customer service. Their ordering process is straightforward and easy to use. You can purchase their products directly from their website, and they offer a variety of payment options, including credit cards and PayPal. They also offer free shipping on orders over $99.00.

If you have any issues with your order or are unsatisfied with your purchase, Blue Moon Hemp Store has a generous return policy. They offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which means that you can return your product for a full refund if you're not satisfied with it.

Blue Moon Hemp Store: A Complete Review Of Their Cbd Product Range And Customer Service

User Reviews and Feedback

Blue Moon Hemp Store has received mostly positive reviews from customers, with a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot. Customers have praised the effectiveness of their products, particularly their tinctures and gummies. Some customers have also noted that their products have helped them with anxiety, pain, and sleep issues.

One concern that some customers have raised is the taste of the products. Some customers have found the taste of the tinctures to be unpleasant, although this is a common issue with CBD products in general.

Personal Experience: Trying Blue Moon Hemp Store's CBD Products

As someone who suffers from chronic pain and anxiety, I was curious to try Blue Moon Hemp Store's CBD products. I decided to try their CBD gummies and tincture to see how they would work for me.

After taking the recommended dosage of the CBD gummies, I noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety symptoms within an hour. The gummies tasted great and were easy to take on-the-go.

I also tried the CBD tincture, which I added to my morning coffee. The tincture had a noticeable effect on my chronic pain and helped me feel more relaxed throughout the day.

Overall, my experience with Blue Moon Hemp Store's CBD products was positive. The products were effective and easy to use, and I appreciated the transparency about the quality of their hemp and third-party lab testing.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, Blue Moon Hemp Store offers high-quality CBD products at an affordable price. Their product range, quality, and customer service make them a great choice for both beginners and experienced CBD users. If you're interested in trying their products, we recommend taking advantage of their discounts and promotions and trying their tinctures or gummies.

To learn more about the specific chemical components of CBD products and their effects, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional. Additionally, if you're interested in learning more about other high-quality CBD products, be sure to check out our reviews of Smilyn Wellness, Mood Wellness, CBD Remedy, Peak Leaf, Eusphera, Epoque Wellness, Transcending Organics, and Mushroom Lyfe.


Who is Blue Moon Hemp?

Blue Moon Hemp is a premier CBD company producing high-quality hemp products.

What products does Blue Moon Hemp offer?

Blue Moon Hemp offers a wide range of CBD products including tinctures, vape oils, gummies, and more.

How is Blue Moon Hemp's quality?

Blue Moon Hemp's products are made from high-quality, organic hemp and undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity and potency.

What are the benefits of using Blue Moon Hemp's products?

Blue Moon Hemp's products can help with anxiety, pain relief, stress, and improve overall health and wellness.

How can I purchase Blue Moon Hemp products?

You can purchase Blue Moon Hemp's products directly from their website or through authorized retailers.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase from Blue Moon Hemp?

Blue Moon Hemp offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and will refund your purchase if you're not completely satisfied.

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The author's research includes analyzing the purity and potency of Blue Moon Hemp Store's products by reviewing third-party lab reports. They have also compared the prices of Blue Moon Hemp Store's products with other CBD brands to evaluate their pricing and discounts.

To gain insight into the customer service and ordering process, the author has personally ordered and interacted with Blue Moon Hemp Store's customer service team. They have also read numerous user reviews and feedback to provide a comprehensive overview of the brand's reputation.

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